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You Can Always Tell a Scotsburn Kid

Since its humble small-town beginnings over a hundred years ago, Scotsburn milk has had an important place at many Nova Scotian tables. For generations, Scotsburn milk has been trusted and loved for its fresh, best quality taste and counted on by moms, dads, and kids alike for its great taste and wholesome nutrients. In other words, it’s the milk Nova Scotia grew up on.


You Can Always Tell a Scotsburn Kid Scotsburn milk is replacing Baxter milk in Nova Scotia


But it’s more than just that it. It’s a youthful spirit that lives in all of us—no matter our age. Because we all have a natural playfulness and energy that stays with us as we grow. It’s the skip in our step as we jump through the puddles. It’s a symbol for everything our milk has embodied for generations.

From the young to the young-at-heart, it’s a dependable, nutritious dairy goodness and the reason why you can always tell a Scotsburn kid.