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Memories sparked by a glass of Scotsburn milk

By: Colleen O’Dea

Many years ago, after a visit to Newfoundland, my Mom dropped by my home with a special package…a gift from my Nan Coady.

As I unwrapped the two “Carnival Glass Tumblers,” wrapped in dish towels from my Nanny’s kitchen, I was overcome with emotion as I remembered a conversation I’d had with my grandmother several years before. I’d been standing in her kitchen, pouring cold milk into the “rainbow” glass…the iridescent colours coming alive against the white liquid…when I told her that drinking from those tumblers “felt like my childhood.”

It amazed me how a simple glass of Scotsburn milk…in THAT particular tumbler…could bring back so many cherished memories and every single time we visited Newfoundland, I poured a cup…to remember. I couldn’t believe she’d thought to gift me the two remaining pieces that now hold a place of honour in my china cabinet…only coming out when I need a reminder of simpler times.

While I enjoy finding new recipes (find more great recipes here) and love making the special recipes handed down through my family...I'm particularly fond of my mom's Blueberry Cake! It's good with frozen blueberries, better with fresh ones, best with the wild ones I picked with my Poppy as a little girl and absolutely perfect served with a tall glass of Scotsburn milk in my Nan's special glass! As a busy mom with a crazy schedule, this cake is quick and easy to whip up (ten minutes tops) and, it's truly the perfect ending to a delicious meal.



I grew up in the most amazing family, surrounded by laughter and conversation in a place that means the world to me. I feel connected to my heritage and love the recipes that have been passed down through the generations, many of which use Scotsburn milk.

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